Sovereign cigarettes are the famous brand, which is produced in the King size format, gave way to popular brands. This is a common size, corresponding to a length of 84 mm, a diameter of 7.62 mm. Sovereign cigarettes are a product of the British company Gallagher Limited. Gallaher Limited is one of the oldest enterprises in the United Kingdom, dating back to 1857. The growth of the company and its development took place along with the acquisition of competing enterprises. In 2002, the group included the largest company in Austria, formerly a state corporation.

Gallaher Limited is the third largest company in the United Kingdom and the fifth largest in the world.

There are 3 types of tobacco, which are used in the production of Sovereign cigarettes: Virginia tobacco. The advantage is the simultaneous maturation of the tobacco leaf and the absence of stepchildren – lateral shoots. It is famous for its high sugar content and low resin content. It has a fruity-spicy delicate aroma. Has a high burning temperature, which is inconvenient for the smoker. Burley tobacco. Opposite to Virginia. It has a low sugar content and a high resin capacity. The taste depends on the color. Burleigh white inherent cocoa-nut shades. Oriental tobacco. A special feature in the drying process is carried out under the rays of the sun. It differentiates in a spicy sweetish taste.

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