Rothmans cigarettes are a brand of cigarettes founded in 1890 by Louis Rothman. Rothman began his acquaintance with the production of tobacco products in Kiev. Until 1887, he learned this profession under the guidance of his uncle, who owned a tobacco factory. In the same year, the teenager immigrates to the UK.

Rothman opened his first small kiosk selling cigarettes in England on Fleet Street. Starting your own business coincided with marriage. The marriage produced a son, who would later become his partner and successor. His choice fell on this street of connection with the location of publishing houses and editorial offices on it. It was journalists who became the first buyers of Rothmans cigarettes.

What is remarkable, Louis, not having a significant start-up capital, independently at night begins to make cigarettes, and during the day to sell products under his own brand. He uses Turkish tobacco to make cigarettes.

Entering the world stage. Thanks to the correctly selected ratio of paper, varieties of tobacco, the size of cigarettes, the products became popular among the English aristocracy. Just 10 years after the opening of the first store, Rothman opens his showroom on the fashionable Street of the Poll Mall. All this time, he continues to actively work on new brands of cigarettes. It was he who in 1906 created the first cigarette with menthol.

The increase in sales allows Louis to open new stores: in 1903 he owns 6 stores. The exports of Rothmans cigarettes to Holland, India, Australia and South Africa begin. Due to the impeccable reputation of the company and its products, in 1905 King Edward VII granted Rothmans a royal warrant. It is from this moment that a pack of cigarettes is marked with the famous coat of arms, which has become the hallmark of the company. In the same year, Rothman’s company became a supplier of English and Spanish royal dynasties.

The creator of the international concern died in 1926, the leadership is taken over by his son buy cigarettes online sydney. Thanks to the competent management and development of the trading strategy in 1927, Rothman’s store was opened outside London. In 1929, the financial condition of the company allows it to place its shares on the London Stock Exchange. In the same year, there was a stock market crash, which marked the beginning of the Great Depression. But the owner of Rothmans cigarettes could overcome that period.