Only in our online shop, you can purchase discount cigarettes of the highest tobacco brand, Davidoff cigarettes. This high quality cigarette brand contains selected tobacco of the finest origin. This classic full flavor mixture is just right for fans of strong indulgence. Davidoff Gold speaks for subtle smoking pleasure with a fully aromatic taste, the Silver with its low values is of special quality and has a particularly subtle taste.

The noble, deep orange Virginia tobacco from four continents and the unusual size make the Davidoff Magnum a special kind of smoking experience.

Discreet, medium-bodied enjoyment with a fresh menthol taste characterizes this blend from Davidoff Ice Gree. Only in our online shop, you can purchase discount cigarettes of this highest tobacco brand.

The Evolved series is a new addition to the Davidoff cigarette brand family. With a special cigarette filter, which ensures less smoke development, is more solid and stable than other filters, the Evolved cigarette also offers a special smoking experience.

The best brand in the tobacco industry is Davidoff Classic cigarettes, preferred by smokers of all walks of life. This type of cigarette is made from high quality tobacco, which allows them to occupy the topmost niche. Only in our online shop, this brand is available as discount cigarettes, so advantageous prices we offer.

The Davidoff brand was created for true connoisseurs of luxury and elegance. And the parent of this brand is Zino Davidoff, who was born near Kiev and all his life adhered to one principle “to create only the best product for maximum pleasure.” The cigarette manufacturer Davidoff still adheres to the established principles and traditions, combining with modern style, affordable luxury and the highest quality. Davidoff Classic combines the finest varieties of tobacco and is packaged in modern packaging that emphasizes every detail.

Davidoff Classic cigarettes combine the mild and tart taste of a blend of high-quality premium tobaccos. Davidoff cigarettes are quite strong and rich, with a bright tobacco aroma.

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