The market share for Marlboro steadily increased to over 10&#x00025 by 1971, to over 20&#x00025 by 1983, to over 30&#x00025 by 1995, and to over 40&#x00025 by 2005. Marlboro cigarettes have killed more than 2.3 million Americans since 1955 with another expected 1.6 million deaths in the next 10 years. Put another way, in 2005, Marlboro is estimated to account for 30&#x00025 of all smoking&#x02010 attributable deaths in the United States.

It is important to recognise that the estimates presented in this paper are subject to limitations including the length of the lag period used, the amount smoked by Marlboro smokers compared to other smokers, and brand switching to and from Marlboro products however, there is no getting around the overall conclusion that Marlboro is by far and away the most lethal consumer product ever produced. More Americans have died or will die because of Marlboro than US soldiers who have died in all foreign wars combined.6 However, merely considering the number of deaths attributable to Marlboro in the United States over the past half century is surely a huge underestimate of the total death toll from Marlboro, given the brands position as the world’s best selling cigarette. According to a recent Philip Morris International report, Marlboro is considered the greatest asset of the company with projected strong growth predicted for the future worldwide.7 With the death toll from tobacco estimated to reach 10 million annually by 2020, it is likely that Marlboro’s next 50 years could prove to be its most deadly.8

Birthdays are a time to reflect on the good and bad that has taken place in the past and what the future might hold. Perhaps instead of sponsoring a birthday bash commemorating 50 years of the Marlboro man, Philip Morris should hold a funeral and send the Marlboro man to his grave like so many of his loyal customers.

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