“Romance & Cigarettes” is a flawed but endearing film. Its stylised dialogue often stitched together from song lyrics, lines from films and, I think, even a snatch of Beckett&#39 s Endgame its characters bursting into lip synched song and dance, its strange, disjointed scenes and its total lack of romance will doubtless annoy a lot of people hoping for something somewhat more straightforward and conventional. Personally, I was hoping for something that might address the issues of love, romance and relationships which the film, instead, prodded gently before dancing and singing around them. I would also have liked to have seen more of Mary Louise Parker, who I thought was cruelly underused. Izzard? And yet…I really liked this film. It had an inventiveness and a quirky charm, a surreal, loopy approach to narrative and dialogue, was beautifully filmed and within limitations of the form wonderfully acted. Particular kudos to Kate Winslet, unrecognizably and thoroughly dislikeable, who nonetheless “sings” one of the more heart stopping numbers, Ute Lemper&#39 s version of Cave & Piseks “Little Water Song”, while underwater. Meanwhile, adding to his gallery of whacked out and weird characters, Christopher Walken delivers what must be one of his weirdest performances yet as the Elvis idolising Cousin Bo. Like a lot of things in this film, you have to see it to believe it, and even then you won&#39 t be too sure.

I see cultdom beckoning for this little gem, late night showings, repeated viewings, singalongs and favourite lines of dialogue bandied about like a secret currency. It&#39 s unlikely that it would have been made if it wasn&#39 t John Turturro writing and the Coens producing, but now it&#39 s out there, I recommend it be seen, if only for curiosity value. You either hate it or love it and for all its flaws I loved it.

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Money and Cigarettes Studio album by Eric Clapton Released Feb. 1983 Recorded Late 1982 Genre Blues rock Length 37.08 Label Duck / Warner Bros. Producer Tom Dowd & Eric Clapton Eric Clapton chronology Time Pieces Live in the Seventies
(1983) Money and Cigarettes
(1983) Backtrackin’
(1984) Professional ratings Review scores Source Rating Allmusic 1 Rolling Stone 2 Robert Christgau B 3

Money and Cigarettes is an Eric Clapton album, released in 1983. It is his eighth studio album. The cover depicts Clapton, cigarette in hand, standing next to a melting Fender Stratocaster guitar. Clapton chose the name of the album “because, that’s all I saw myself having left,” after his (first) rehabilitation from alcoholism. 4 The single “I’ve Got a Rock ‘n’ Roll Heart” became a hit in the US, peaking at No. 18, but was relatively unsuccessful in the UK, where it did not reach the Top 50.