If you think that long-standing brands cannot interest you, then you are deeply mistaken. Not a single tobacco product is thoroughly understood, it must be tasted, smoked and experienced sensations of joy. Henri Wintermans cigarettes need no introduction today. These products have been known and loved for many years. People know their deep characteristics. And they are quite noticeable even today, and this is not enough to say, while standing out with dignity among many of their competitors.

It contains a carefully cropped best sorts of tobacco and thus creating a rationed and pure taste. This devotion and steadfastness to be the best has always defined them.

The most famous versions of the brand are Henri Wintermans cigarettes – this is the most widely known cigarette from the family, attracting with its very pleasant taste and delicate filling. Each cigarette is packed in a protective film to keep sufficient moisture and freshness.

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What are Henri Wintermans cigarettes?

The history of this brand has never known falls, but only success. It all started in 1934. The small factory, which the Winterman brothers worked on, very soon turned into a huge concern. And in our enlightened age, the brand has established distribution networks globally, delighting its admirers with an abundance of goods. And as a result, the Henri Wintermans brand has established itself in the top three most sought-after tobacco products. This secure position is only getting stronger every day. Thanks to the extra quality, variety of flavors and optimal prices, these cigarettes are famous for their perfection among the gurus of such types of smoking.