monte-carlo-redCigarettes play a great role in our life, make us smile and forget all the troubles at different moments. So we can say that cigarettes are our true friends forever. We need to select an excellent brand of cigarettes that help us enjoy smoking and better understand this process. In this case Monte Carlo cigarettes are an excellent example of unique smoking preference.

Monte Carlo cigarettes are a young cigarette brand, developed by R.J. Reynolds. According to the JTI holding company, that owns the brand, cigarettes are positioned as strong and cheap ones.

Today the production facilities are located in Japan, but the brand is found in tobacco shops of the USA, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Monaco, Switzerland, Mexico, Slovenia, Colombia and Romania.

This list of countries suggests that the brand managed to acquire a global distribution and boldly conquer sales peaks, gradually gaining trust in smokers in different parts of the world, regardless of their financial situation.
Monte Carlo cigarettes are regarded as the French Rivera of cigarettes (logically the origin of the name). They have a smooth and rich, full-bodied flavor that attracts any smoker. These cigarettes are the encapsulation of extravagance and symbolize the high life of the high society and are well known. They are hard to get a grip on in the U.S; nonetheless they are certainly justified regardless of the exertion it takes to situate for their brilliant quality and taste.

As a result, a part of each Monte Carlo cigarette includes popular worldwide tobacco sorts such as Burley, Oriental and Virginia. It is worth noting that the palatability of Monte Carlo is at a height: there is used a well dried, selected tobacco with excellent smoking properties in the manufacturing process.

Monte Carlo cigarettes contain a lot of nicotine and tar, and this composition makes them very strong, and the taste is rich and expressive. This blend is suitable first and foremost the experienced smokers who prefer a classic cigarette to two newfangled “Slims”. With each puff there is felt a sharp taste of tobacco and exhalation produces a lot of smoke flavored with a thick bluish haze. Thus, a special combination is created

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