kentIn 1952 in spring, the Lorilard Tobacco Company started creating their 70-millimeter long cigarettes under the name Kent cigarettes. That time it was a real miracle.

Originally, these cigarettes were so popular that they were even utilized as money in some countries. A pair of years after it happened; Kent cigarettes were chosen to supplant the channel cigarettes to non-asbestos Micronite.

Towards the end of the 70s Kent cigarettes brand become the property of British American Tobacco Group, and their usage is spread outside the American landmass.

Since that time Kent cigarettes’ name was always implied just to the total variety of cigarettes. But, however, as any smoker has personal preferences, the manufacturers decided to go straightforward every individual selection and released the varieties with different levels of the tar substances, and distinguished them with the numbers “1”, “4” and “8”.

The change likewise influenced the presence of pack of cigarettes – the steel points were adjusted, they were portrayed with a stronghold that was essentially lessened in size, the brand name on the pack was imprinted in the English and other languages, and shading blasts get to appear as something else relying upon the level of simplicity of cigarettes.

In 2007 in spring, enterprise starts the creation of Kent Nanotek cigarettes in Compact King Size. They vary in comparison to their forerunners, having a length of 83 mm and a length of 5 mm. A pack of cigarettes is divided into two parts and is a kind of a cigarette case. This is very convenient as it does occypy much place. Each one of three sorts of Kent cigarettes – White Infina 1, Silver Neo Blue Futura 4 and 8 were sold in these new special packages in 2008.

In 2010, another item for tobacco business sector, and namely Kent Convertibles was introduced. The unique cigarettes of this brand really have a refreshing taste.

In 2010, the company chose to pull back from the generation of Kent Surround Neo, Kent Surround Futura, and additionally released a one of a kind form of Kent Mintek.

Today, Kent cigarettes have positioned themselves as a standout amongst the best tobacco brands with high potential, and truly deserved love of an enormous number of smokers.

None can convince someone by saying something about this brand; one just must try this brand.

By visiting any online store and selecting Kent cigarettes, one receives extraordinary cigarettes and gets quick delivery.

Try to do your best to taste the best!