We will give some advice about the IQOS Australia consumption for the travellers.


It got warmer outside, and the whole team brewed a cup of coffee, got out our aikos and started planning vacations and trips. While planning, we read a lot of horror stories about where IQOS can be taken away right at the customs. And we decided to collect the IQOS Australia information that is really useful for travelers. We strongly recommend that you bookmark the memo.


If you fly on vacation to Australia, take care in advance about how you will carry IQOS and whether you will be at all.

The various IQOS Australia restrictions on the import, use and sale of these gadgets are important for smokers.


The question of whether IQOS Australia consumption can be allowed in a hotel is actually stepping down to whether the smoke detectors react to it. Most hotels do not in any way regulate the use of heating systems for tobacco and vaping in the rooms. According to user experience, IQOS smoke detectors do not respond. From an ethical and hygienic point of view, this is also permissible. There is no smell on furniture, curtains and carpets from these devices. There is no smoke and the combustion process (and, therefore, the risk of starting a fire) in these devices.


Philip Morris is smart about product promotion – the company focused on the benefits of IQOS and created a key visual image: the device is advertised separately from tobacco sticks.


This allows PMI to enhance IQOS’s public image by creating stylish branded boutiques that resemble some Apple stores.


Customers are offered different options: matte finish, different colors, emerald tones, as well as special limited collections.


There are also IQOS Australia running promotions where customers can take a device for a test drive or try Heets for free.


But the special attention is paid to IQOS Australia promotions via online stores.


Our online store is the best pattern of IQOS Australia online promotions!