Although Europeans became familiar with the tobacco only about four centuries ago, the practice of smoking tobacco is very old. In fact, experts claim that as early as 7000 5000 years ago people started smoking tobacco. Although there are few different ways of consuming tobacco, smoking is the most common one and the most often practiced one. Today, most smokers consume the tobacco in the form of rolled cigarettes. It is believed than more than one billion people in the world are smokers, and some claim that the number is as high as billion and a half. Although there are more male smokers, nowadays it is almost as likely for a young woman to smoke as it is for a younger man. The cigarette industry is one highly developed and outspread industry and there are few brands of cigarettes which are popular and consumed all over the world. Ones of the most popular and most smoked cigarettes are the Marlboro cigarettes and there are more than few Marlboro cigarettes types designed for different target groups and each one has a different flavor.

Few facts about cigarettes and smoking

One of the interesting facts about cigarettes in the United States is that American tobacco companies these days sell more packages of cigarettes to smokers outside the country. This is also true for Marlboro and the different Marlboro cigarette types which are one of the most popular and worldwide recognized brands of American cigarettes. The cigarettes are the most sold product in the whole world and there are one trillion products sold each year. Few American brands of cigarettes, of which Marlboro is the most notable one, own more than two thirds of the world market of cigarettes. Another interesting fact about cigarettes is that according to the law, parents have the right to allow their children to smoke cigarettes, i.e. smoking under the age of 18 is not illegal, but buying cigarettes is. In the United States, the southern countries are considered to have many smoking citizens in comparison to the northern counties. However, California is one of the countries with the lowest percentage of smokers, while Kentucky has the highest number of smokers per capita.

The placebo effect of smoking

Despite the negative campaigns against smoking and the scientifically proven harm the smoking tobacco causes to the organism, most smokers claim that smoking makes them relax and calm down. This is considered to be a placebo effect, since there are no substances in the cigarettes which cause this relaxation, however, it continues to be a powerful stimulant for many people. Many tobacco companies are looking for ways to attract more customers and they have developed and introduced many different types of cigarettes on the market, although most smokers still favor the regular, full flavor cigarettes. This is the case with Marlboro cigarettes types as well, of which the Marlboro Reds are considered to be the most widely consumed Marlboros.

Marlboro cigarettes types

Besides the full flavor Marlboro Reds there are few other Marlboro cigarettes types, such as Marlboro Mediums, Marlboro Lights, Marlboro Menthol, Marlboro Ultra Light and Marlboro Smooth.

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Smoking and Health

Tobacco products, including cigarettes, are dangerous and addictive. There is overwhelming medical and scientific evidence that smoking causes lung cancer, heart disease, emphysema, and other serious diseases.


All tobacco products are addictive. It can be very difficult to quit smoking, but this should not deter smokers who want to quit from trying to do so.

Secondhand Smoke
Public health officials have concluded that secondhand smoke from cigarettes causes serious diseases in non smokers, including lung cancer and heart disease. We believe the public health conclusions on secondhand smoke are sufficient to support smoking restrictions in public places.

Effective Regulation
Philip Morris International (PMI) supports comprehensive regulation of tobacco products based on the principle of harm reduction.

To be effective, tobacco regulatory policy must be evidence based, apply to all tobacco products, and should take into account the views of all legitimate stakeholders including public health authorities, government finance authorities, tobacco manufacturers, and other members of the tobacco supply chain. Regulatory policy must consider the potential to trigger adverse consequences which undermine public health objectives, such as increasing the demand for illicit cigarettes.

While we support comprehensive, effective tobacco regulation, we do not support regulation that prevents adults from buying and using tobacco products or that imposes unnecessary impediments to the operation of the legitimate tobacco market. In that regard, we oppose measures such as generic packaging, point of sale display bans, total bans on communications to adult consumers, and bans on the use of all ingredients in tobacco products.