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Master cigarmakers Carlos Fuente Sr. and Carlos Fuente Jr. craft impeccable cigars of the best quality within their Dominican factory. Their traditional Gran Reserva blend is mild to medium in body with a nutty core and delicate spice. Each cigar is made in the Dominican Republic from locally grown tobacco. Enhancing this cigar’s mild taste is the golden Connecticut shade wrapper, which helps give the cigar its even burn and smooth feel. At a length of 139 mm (5.5″) and a ring gauge of 43, each cigar in the Nat Sherman Metropolitan Selection Anglers is the ideal size for an afternoon with friends or a formal party. Best known for its smooth smoke from start to finish, its great consistency, and its flawless, handmade construction, this flawless cigar is waiting to be yours to discover. Living up to the reputation of the Montecristo logo, the taste and aroma of this classic cigar is undeniable. Whether you’re looking for a gift for that special occasion or you want to treat yourself, you’ll pick a winner every time when you invest in a Montecristo Especial No. 2. Montecristo Edmundo cigars are the real deal when it comes to a perfect balance between body and flavor. This incredibly well made masterpiece absolutely drips with flavors so rich that the cigars had to be individually sealed in glass tubes! Featuring a chocolate brown Sumatra wrapper grown in Ecuador on the world famous farms of the Oliva family, this bold cigar delights the senses as complex flavors abound throughout its length and, believe us, you’ll want to smoke it until it burns your fingers. Crafted with the last of the Olivas’ 2002 crop, these Bolivars were made in a limited run of 100,000.

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