The ultrafine tobacco Kiss cigarettes first appeared on the market in 2004 and quickly became popular with smokers. It was one of the first fine cigarettes. Since then, the manufacturer Tobacco Factory has been able to develop a number of different flavored cigarettes.

Ultrafine Kiss cigarettes are now considered one of the most popular brands. This is largely due to the fact that manufacturers have chosen the lighter tobacco segment for this brand and enriched the product line with a variety of flavors. In terms of appearance and manufacturing quality, this tobacco product competes well with other brands in the same price range. The Kiss cigarettes brand has achieved an optimal ratio between price and quality.

Since 2004, the producer has not only worked on the design and marketing policies for new tobacco brands, but has also continued to increase the variety of flavors. Currently, the company produces two types of ultrafine cigarettes under the Kiss brand: mini and ultrafine. The mini’s length is 48 mm, while the ultra-slim’s length is 100 mm. The manufacturer does not produce any standard size cigarettes in this series because of its focus on female consumers. In the flavored cigarettes, the filter is painted with the brand color indicating the flavor type.

The variety of the flavors of Kiss cigarettes is increasing. Currently, there are eight different flavors. Since 2012, the company has also been producing ultrafine Kiss cigarettes in capsules.

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What are Kiss cigarettes?

Kiss cigarettes feature thin cartridges, high-quality filters, and a wide variety of flavors. They are targeted at women and youth. These cigarettes are light in flavor and low in nicotine content. The romantic Kiss cigarettes set themselves apart from other variations with its colorful design. It is decorated with purple flowers and delicate patterns. Every girl will want to buy one. The company also launched a menthol-flavored Kiss cigarette for those who prefer cooler temperatures. The menthol flavor gives a pleasant aftertaste after smoking. It is so well smoked that it does not leave the user with bad breath after smoking. The packaging is designed in an appropriate style, with a pattern in blue-green tones.