Pall Mall cigarettes are high- quality American cigarettes that are distinguished by impeccable style. They are made from selected varieties of tobacco, carefully selected and processed using a special technology. Mixtures are made according to recipes that have not changed for several decades. For more than a century, American Pall Mall cigarettes have not ceased to please the consumer with their excellent quality and affordable price.

Pall Mall cigarettes without filters have a smooth and at the same time strong taste. The unfiltered Pall Mall cigarettes are ideal for smokers who prefer a powerful cigarette and unfiltered flavor. The individual products in the Pall Mall cigarettes family can be divided into the two larger groups Red and Blue, which are derived from the color scheme on the packaging. Red stands for a strong, full taste, Blue for a more subtle one. Which tobacco is best for stuffing?

Inexpensive brands of tobacco include: Black Hawk, Break tobacco, Convention Tobacco, Denim Tobacco, Duke Tobacco, Elixir Tobacco, Fargo tobacco, farm tobacco. Pall Mall cigarettes are distinguished by fillings. Pall Mall Blue has a significantly lower nicotine and tar content and is therefore lighter in taste. Which Pall Mall tobacco is the lightest? The Pall Mall Authentic Silver are the lightest cigarettes without additives, they are particularly mild and ideal for beginners. They are also popular with long-term smokers.

What are Pall Mall cigarettes?

In 1899, the Butler & Butler Company introduced Pall Mall cigarettes to the market with the intention of supplying first-class cigarettes to the upper class. Cigarettes got their name from Pall Mall in London, where in the Victorian era meetings of most of the main English gentlemen’s clubs were held. In 1907, the rights to the Pall Mall brand passed to the American Tobacco Company, after it bought the Butler & Butler Company. The new owners used the premium brand to test innovations in cigarette design, such as the king size introduced in 1939 (which later became the standard 85mm cigarette size), and a new way of stuffing tobacco that, cigarettes were said to be less irritating to the throat. In the 1950s, the Pall Mall brand became a commercial sponsor of the action-packed television series “M Squad”.