Again and again, we face the efforts to ban smoking and exile smokers from public places. Non-smokers complain that they are bothered with smoking. Why does the problem get escalated every time? Why cannot smokers and non-smokers coexist?

Firstly, smokers can feel humiliated with permanent reminders that they must keep away from the others with their cigarettes. Smokers are also people, not beasts to be placed inside cages. Such analogy can occur to the mind of any smoker, seeing a warning that he or she dare not leave a smoking room while lighting cigarettes. Smokers can be resented and have a temptation to break such prescriptions, no matter that they must pay a fine for that.

Non-smokers are afraid of such perils as the second-hand smokes and try to stay away from smokers.

The authorities are mainly focused to support non-smokers and the controversies are actually inevitable.

For sure, this is a problem of intolerance.

Nobody has banished the production of tobacco items yet. So, nobody has banished the tobacco consumption as well. Instead, there is now a plenty of opportunities to buy cheap cigarettes online. Smokers are currently able to purchase from retailers, who market cigarettes at discounted prices.

If so, smokers must not be mistreated, but also supported.

If non-smokers are bothered with tobacco fumes, smokers must have opportunities to freely consume tobaccos in the places, where nobody can dislike it. A number of options and ideas can appear if someone is focused on that instead of just issuing smoking bans.
Smokers are often ready to protect their rights, especially because they can buy cheap cigarettes online and want to have a joy from their smoking without any limits, which were earlier caused by high cigarette prices.

Non-smokers should understand it and be more tolerant. Another matter is that smokers must also be wise to use tobacco. Those who love tobacco do not have to use it anywhere. Really, if someone likes music, it does not mean that it must sound loudly from a mobile phone in any public place. This is not a discrimination, this is a moral.

Another thing is that smokers need more comfortable places for their habit. They must not hide to light cigarettes. Here is a wide field for considerations!

But the idea is evident. If smokers have a right and opportunities to buy cheap cigarettes online, they must be able to freely smoke them. Any right is granted to be used. The right of smokers to consume tobacco is not any exclusion.

They buy cheap cigarettes online and dare smoke them without sny special restrictions.