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According to the recent study the poor smokers in New York state spend 25% of their income on cigarettes. Relying on this fact it’s reasonable to suppose that the new high taxes on cigarettes had weak effect. In other words the new prices on cigarettes haven’t led to a considerable decrease of tobacco smoking in the USA.

Taking into consideration the statistics from the new study conducted by the Public Health and Policy Research program of RTI, a nonprofit institute, the American Cancer Society expressed a need to resolve the situation with poor New York smokers.

Occupying the first place in the USA in what refers to the highest taxes on cigarettes in the USA, New York is also one of the most problematic cities of the USA in respect to the smoking frequency. Though a pack of cigarettes costs approximately $12, smoking is widely spread there. A high price doesn’t stop chain smokers, most of them have already switched or are going to switch to cheaper cigarette brands. In contrast to those low income smokers the wealthier one’s spend just 2% on cigarettes from their income, as the study shows. That’s the reason many people prefer to buy cigarettes online more often. In Internet they cost 4 5 times cheaper than at the local market.

For example at a block of famous brand Marlboro costs just $23.60 while in New York its price reaches $120 per carton. The profit is evident!

According to the new data those smokers who earn less than $30,000 per year pay near 39% of state and city taxes on cigarettes. Mr. Sciandra, the representative of the American Cancer Society added that more of the cigarette tax revenue should be included in the smoking cessation programs. As Mr. Sciandra states the poor smokers who are trying to quit smoking are often discouraged from doing that by the smokers’ circles around them and pressure for money to buy the anti smoking aids.

Today the argues about the issue of the cigarette taxes increase have been still discussed. There are different opinions about the issue. For example, Audrey Silk of Citizens Lobbying Against Smoker Harassment, an advocacy group, criticized the new taxes, as she believes it led to the regressive results. On the contrary other representatives argue that tax increase is directed to help people quit smoking. As it was stated by the opposite group there have been elaborating special anti smoking campaigns directed to help low income smokers to get rid of smoking.