Pall Mall cigarettes are produced all over the world despite their British origin. As it often happens, this brand is called R.J. Produced by Reynolds Tobacco has gained the greatest popularity in the United States. American tobacco lovers highly appreciate the Pole Mall brand for its stable quality and low price. But among other products of this brand 1 stands out – this is the famous Pall Mall cigarettes.

The famous Pall Mall cigarettes are really very famous, which is reflected in their name. The richness of the flavor palette ensures that there is no filter, as it is a classic cigarette with a history from the first half of the 20th century. As we know, normally unfiltered cigarettes are produced in the usual size format and have a relatively short length. And for the same money.

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What are Pall Mall cigarettes?

Pall Mall cigarettes are a popular tobacco brand manufactured by British American Tobacco (BAT). Paul Mall was founded in 1899 and became famous for its long history in the tobacco market. The brand offers a variety of tobacco options with different strength and flavor characteristics to suit the different tastes of smokers. The famous Pall Mall cigarettes differ from most of their filter-free counterparts in that they are king-sized. In the case of the Pall Mall cigarettes, 1 cigarette contains many more tobacco, so you can enjoy smoking for longer. Thanks to the premium tobacco blend, these cigarettes have a unique and very rich and rich tobacco smoke flavor.