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Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes k community The
is dangerous and leads to disease. The question is whether a ban on menthol will undermine public health goals while also exerti

ng a Marlboro Cigarettesging impact on law enforcement.

If menthol cigarettes are banned, contraband versions would effortlessly enter a .sophisticated black market system that already exists. Like in Canada now, contraband cigarettes would be easily available on street corners . url Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes /url or from car trunks.

The ramifications of a “black m

arket” are ob. url Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes /url vious.

First, a black market does not ask young smokers for their ID. Nobody . url Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes /url wants underage youths to smoke. But that attitude does not extend to th. url Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes /url ose who sell smu

ggled cigarettes. Counterfeit and cigarettes would be sold on the streets and in neighborhoods, not at retail outlets where minimum purchase age laws are enforceable.

T. url ” ” title “Cheap Newport Cigarettes” Cheap Newport Cigarettes /url here are other consequences. A black market . url ” ” title “Cheap Newport Cigarettes” Cheap Newport Cigarettes /url will not pay taxes. It i. url ” ” title “Newport Cigarettes Wholesale” Newport Cigarettes Wholesale /url s a matter of concern to ev. url ” ” title “Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes” Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes /url eryone in law enforcement if the f. url ” ” title “Newport Cigarettes Website” Newport Cigarettes Website /url ederal government on one hand req. url ” ” title “Marlboro Cigarettes Wholesale” Marlboro Cigarettes Wholesale /url uires additional enforcemen.t resources by creating a black market, but then takes away revenues with the other hand.

As a national police organization, the National .Organization of Bl

ack Law Enforcement Executives is concerned that illegal activity associated with banning menthol cigarettes could burd. en our law enforcement systems and divert neede.d resources from more pressing problems. Enforcement activities also could lead to severe inequities in law enforcement in African American communities.

In Washington, a scientifi

c advisory committee of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration will issue a recommendation early next year about whether to regulate or ban menthol cigarettes.

It is a great concern that there is no apparent effort being made by the Food and Drug Administration to assess the practical impact of creating a contrab

and market by banning menthol cigarettes and what that means to the Black community. The unintended consequences of a ban on menthol deserve serious consideration.

Jessie Lee is executive director of the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE). NOBLE represents more than 3,500 top federal, state, county and municipal law enforcement officials.

The panel’s long awaited report on menthol cigarettes was met with a collective shrug from several tobacco companies, whose potent political and legal power could delay any new restrictions for years. Tobacco company stock prices rose after the committee released its report.

“The market sees little in the FDA panel findings
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