Electronic cigarette comparison online which E cig is the best?

The mystery behind the best e cigarette on the market is a tough one to crack. While electronic cigarette comparison charts online help people to make buying decisions, nobody can really pin point the best e cigarette on the market by looking at a chart. There s more to naming the best e cigarette than that

Like reading reviews and taking the time to compare electronic cigarettes individually. Some people like to do this by selecting a few products and doing side by side comparison. When you compare e cigarettes, it is usually by puffs, battery life, look and feel, vapor production, available flavors, taste, and product quality.

You would think that as an individual who just compared multiple e cigs against each other using text reviews, images, and video reviews they would be able to point a finger and claim they know what the best e cigarette on the market is in their own opinion. Things like this can vary from each person’s stand point as they actually physically try different e cig brands and styles.

It’s difficult to keep up with the next new thing&#8230 or top rated new e cigarettes.

As previously discussed in a few other blogs, there are tons of e cig scams out there, not to mention a plethora of sites that claim to compare e cigarettes online but which are purposely created for profit by means of affiliate marketing. These sites are very thin and have a lot of filler content which is actually copied directly from the merchants website.

Strangely enough, you may also notice that they don’t have any personal images, or watermark logos on the photos of the physical product. Sadly&#8230 all they have are review charts (which can be very misleading). Keep in mind, some of these sites haven’t even touched the e cigarettes they’re supposedly rating and reviewing for the public’s best interest.

There are very few that can actually stay on top of every e cigarette brand (let alone every specific model) that’s out there. So what do we do? We pick the e cigarette products that we feel are “worthy” for the people. How? Well, it’s not because the company has built so much hype around it or that their website looks awesome. It’s because we’ve done our research.

From forums, chat messages, personal interactions, e mails, looking into company reputations, and of course (judging by all of our video reviews on YouTube) our physical experience with the actual product in our hands. When the time comes to compare electronic cigarettes online and actually publish reviews of a new product, we aim to set a new standard among ecig review sites every time. We do this by being transparent, open, and honest about how we feel towards products.

Taking into consideration you’re searching for the best e cigarette on the market&#8230 .

We’re going to try to do our best to be simple. There isn’t just simply one and only one great e cig that is going to fulfill every desire of a tobacco user trying to convert 100% to e cigarettes. However, there is an electronic cigarette that has been known to do a pretty darn good job in comparison. With the help of anonymous visitors to the website who have later returned and left reviews and ratings, we believe it’s safe to say that our data flow for our consumer review chart is solid enough to prove a point. Take it with a grain of salt if you will, but as you will see based off of our editors review chart, we can agree with their choice.

So what are the consumers saying?

If you missed the front page, and you haven’t looked already. Green Smoke

You can read the Green Smoke editor review here

You can read consumer reviews here.

Why do we agree that Green Smoke is the best e cigarette on the market? (For non advanced e cig users)

It’s not exactly as simple as saying “well, because everyone else says it is”&#8230 but it sort of is. The reviews across the web speak for themselves. You may have 5,000 bad reviews from the past out of a total of 1.2 million good reviews, and extremely positive life changing reviews at that. Chances are, if you’re equipped with common sense, you can figure out that the good trumps the bad when it comes to Green Smoke.

With other e cigarettes smearing their names across television and doing gray hat marketing tactics to get themselves in front of an audience, Green Smoke sits quietly in the background doing what they do best making great ecigarettes. Their customer base is massive and people are responding to the high product quality that is a Green Smoke standard.

Through a little bit of word of mouth marketing, product demonstrations, really amazing customer support, and a knack for listening to what their customers are saying&#8230 .

Green Smoke has grown massively in the last couple years. They’ve earned their loyal customer base, which continues to spread word of Green Smoke like wild fire. When you have a company that can have this type of success without trying to manipulate the public’s buying decisions, I personally think that says something really positive. We support them, just like the consumers who’ve come to the Green Smoke website and our website to leave reviews for others who may be interested in purchasing the Green Smoke e cig.

So here’s the conclusion

To wrap this up, we re just trying to make it clear to our audience that there are comparison charts and sites out there on the web that claim to compare e cigarettes in Australia, the United States, and other countries from an objective standpoint,but which may not be correctly rating the brands or products. The reviews are slopped together and the admins are marketing the site for the sole purpose of turning a quick profit. We need the public to see the good in e cigs, and when approached to try them, not to run off because they once tried a really crappy one.

You asked what the best e cigarette on the market was? Overall, we have to say Green Smoke. We’ve rated it the number #1 ecig brand for 2013. That’s our story, and we’re stickin’ to it!

Happy Vaping!

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On average a pack a day smoke will save around $1,200 if they switch to electronic cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes Contain 5 ingredients Citric Acid
Nicotine (optional)
Distilled water
Natural and Artificial Flavors
USD Grade Glycerin

the regular cigarettes contain more than 7,000 chemicals including hundreds that are toxic and about 70 that are cancer causing.

You can vape indoors, Don’t freeze for a smoke or feel like an outcast There is no such thing as second hand smoke when it comes to eCigarettes. Because the only by product of the electronic cigarettes is vapor, using them indoors is no more harmful to the people around you than boiling water or making tea. As people become more aware of this fact. Several hospitality venues are beginning to make changes to accommodate indoor vaping.