#1 (permalink) 08 20 2013, 04 33 PM redneck88 Junior Member Join Date Aug 2013 Posts 5 Rep Power 0 Looking for ecig that tastes like a marlboro red

I am looking for an e cig brand that has a e juice or cartridge that tastes a lot like Marlboro Reds #2 (permalink) 08 20 2013, 06 50 PM ECBuggie Member Join Date Oct 2012 Location Croatia Posts 36 Rep Power 0

Depends on what you prefer cigalike or eGo type cigarette

Cigalikes from the ones I’ve tried out so far, its GreenSmoke and the cartridge (actually, a cartomizer) is Tobacco Red. They also have Tobacco Absolute and Gold which are great too, but Red is most like Marlboro.

I had that one in this Variety Pack of GreenSmoke cartomizers. Can be purchased separately in 5packs, of course.

eGo type cigarette American Red (now this one is from UK, Smoker’s Angel and it’s excellent, probably one of the best e juices I have ever tasted).

Of course there are surely some I haven’t tried out yet, so I hope others will take part in this thread.

E liquid offer is getting richer with each passing week.

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Hope admin will not take my reply as spam.

Follow this link to get your desired brand have 20 various flavors including your desired Marlbro

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My mother smoked Marlboro Reds and just switched to an eGO ecig and she and I both use Halo Purity E liquid, flavor Turkish Tobacco.

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