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The success story of the Marlboro cigarette brand is unique. No brand is sold out more than Marlboro. One can safely assume that the cause of this bestseller was not only due to the aroma of the cigarette, but also to the image that was developed for the brand and that was internationally well received by smokers. Most non-smokers will certainly know Marlboro and the imagery that goes with it. It all started much more modestly, and both the product and the Marlboro brand has been redesigned to let smokers order Marlboro cigarettes online.

Strictly speaking, it should read the early years of Marlborough, which Philip Morris, a tobacco dealer and importer of cigars, gave to cigarettes in 1854. The name was given to Great Marlborough Street in London, where he also produced other cigarettes, such as the Philip Morris brand, which is still available today.

Marlboro as a cigarette especially for women? Certainly only known to those who know the brand, but still true. In 1924, the Marlboro got its current name and was repositioned as a cigarette for women for the first time. It didn’t have a filter yet, but was still sold under the claim “mild as may” and touted as an elegant choice for women. Incidentally, at a time when the image of women smoking in public was still a source of social irritation. In 1930 the Marlboro product was adapted: the cigarette was improved with a short filter.

The adaptations had a goal to better promote these branded cigarettes.

The idea resulted in a boom and mass sales. The re-start was continued by sales of these cigarettes online.

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