We have a review of the brands that you can order as discount cigarettes in our online shop.

Vogue cigarettes have been produced for almost a hundred years by Rothmans International, which in the late 90s was absorbed by British American Tobacco. Initially, these cigarettes were positioned as exclusively “female”, which was due to their shape, packaging design and a special ratio of tobacco varieties, giving a mild taste enhanced by flavors. Despite the fact that all varieties of Vogue are considered super light and their strength varies from 1 to 7 mg of tar per cigarette. Classification by species is determined by flavors, including Lilas, Menthe, Arome Diner en ville, Arome Balade au parc, Arome Terrasse au soleil, Noire and Blanche. You can order them as discount cigarettes here.

According to statistics, Marlboro cigarettes produced by the American company Philip Morris International are more actively sold all over the world. Their distinctive feature is high quality tobacco and increased strength. Even the lightest type of these cigarettes: ClearTaste 4,- contains 4 mg of tar, and the strongest – Original – 9 mg, which is slightly lower than that of other brands of cigarettes of strong varieties, if you do not take into account the amount of nicotine, which is as much as 0.7 mg. You can order them as discount cigarettes here.

Elite American Chesterfield cigarettes produced by Liggett & Myers are distinguished by an unusual composition of the tobacco mixture, thanks to which their taste is unique and well-recognized by connoisseurs. The line of varieties is not so wide and includes only 6 types from the strongest – Classic Red, 10, to Bronze, considered the lightest, despite the whole 4 mg of tar per cigarette.

According to one of the versions of the Bond brand cigarette, Philip Morris dedicated it to King Albert. Unlike other brands, this one is represented by a fairly modest variety of species and on the modern market there are only three varieties: Street Filter, Street Lights and Street Super Lights. These are some of the strongest cigarettes in the world, the strength of which is from 15 to 4 mg of tar per cigarette. Their advantages lie in decent quality and reasonable price. You can order them as discount cigarettes here.