Each country that produces certain cigarettes is a unique source of inspiration for designers. They strive to convey the spirit and character of the country in every detail of the packaging. The background, decorated in national colors, depicts symbols and motifs that reflect both the culture and nature of the country. Packaging becomes a small window into another world, which allows the buyer to experience pleasant associations and emotions associated with the choice of each specific country of origin.

The shape and color of the packaging are important criteria that create an emotional connection and form a positive perception of the product in every shopper.

And now King Edward cigarettes lift the veil of secrets for us, indicating what this brand brought to our world of smoking. And it brought a lot! Firstly, it was the freedom to smoke only the best tobacco available on the market, a premium product with the addition of the best varieties of tobacco. The King himself announced his decision, and the smokers immediately took up their favorite pastime. And they were not deceived, this freedom carried to those centuries into the future, and the quality remained unchanged.

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What are King Edward cigarettes?

This brand bears the name of the English King Edward VII, who adored smoking cigars all his life, and glorified this activity. From the beginning of his reign, his subjects were able to smoke freely anywhere and anytime. King Edward is an established brand of machine-made cigarettes in the tobacco market. Its existence goes back a long period of time and it has proven itself only from the best side. The fact is that the creators of the recipe included exclusively natural varieties of tobacco in its composition. Thus, this 100% naturalness in the filling preserves the longevity of the product and its properties. Thus, we get a nice cigarette that’s the perfect size to fit into your pocket or purse, smooth to smoke, and reasonably priced, so it’s well-balanced for a quick smoke break.