World-famous American Camel cigarettes have long been a symbol of quality tobacco products. Released in 1913, the brand Camel won all soft taste of the smoke mixture of Turkish and tobacco Virginia. Before the cigarette brand was taken over by Richard Reynolds – RJR, they belonged to a little-known company called Red Camel.

The new owner decided to shorten the name and left a simple and concise title, denoting the “Camel”. The animal even has a name – Joe, and it often appeared in various advertising campaigns.

As for the popularity of the brand, it was extracted long and diligently, by numerous advertising companies and posters. Large images with a camel and sonorous slogans, such as “The Beginning of Insight”, have become one of the ways to state that these are exactly those cigarettes that successful people smoke. One of the slogans says: “I’m ready to walk a mile for Camel,” which indicates their value.

A demonstration of these cigarettes in the cinema can be called a successful advertising approach, which for a long time attracted the attention of many smokers to American cigarettes. And the result is obvious. But not only advertising made the brand famous throughout the world.

The merit of the popularity of Camel cigarettes, of course, lies on the varieties of tobacco. The tart dark sort of Turkish tobacco “Oriental” is mixed with light and soft Virginian varieties “Berly” and “Virginia”. Later this mixture was called “American Blend”, and this inscription appears on every pack to this day. But you can see it only if you buy original cigarettes on our online store.

It is worth noting that imported Camel cigarettes are the only ones that have kept their design since the creation. For more than 100 years, Joe’s camel has been adorned on a pack, and has experienced serious competition from Marlboro, as well as a rebranding project for Camel Trophy in 2000. Moreover, this brand is the only one in the world to introduce the name of the animal! Perhaps, this is why she is attractive, and so she wants to buy so many smokers that the sales in the country are confidently in the place of honor in the world.

If you remain devoted to this brand for a long time, it means that in these cigarettes you found all that you were looking for – happiness, peace, process of smoking comparable with nothing! So you do not need to look for anything else! You are the owner of a wonderful brand! Enjoy it!