In an era of mobility and chaos, smokers simply need to find exactly the product that will be convenient for them to smoke at any time of the day or night. You need comfort and quality products. And consumers were presented with such a tobacco product – Backwoods cigarettes. They have become an excellent option for those who need accessibility and variety of tastes. The American tobacco factory Altadis is developing this brand and creates different recipes every year.

And thus, we see that every year more and more gurus of good tobacco focus specifically on these cigarettes. The opinions of those who have already made their choice indicate that none of them regrets their decision; it was a balanced one. This is due to the fact that Backwoods cigarettes are 100 percent pure tobacco.

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What are Backwoods cigarettes?

The Dominican Republic is the birthplace of this wonderful product. This is a small state on the island of Haiti in the Caribbean Sea. But the size of a country does not mean that high-quality smoking products cannot be produced there. And the brand has something to boast about – 100 percent natural tobacco. It also doesn’t even have a hint of a filter. Each cigarette is packed in natural tobacco leaf. This makes it so remarkable. And tobacco crumbs enhance the sensation of smoking itself. The smoking process itself is not long, but it completely opens up the taste. And the Connecticut Broadleaf tobacco variety enhances the sensation of intensity. Before going through all stages of production, it is kept in special conditions for at least a year. And thus, the taste characteristics of the finished product exceed all expectations.