Smokers are constantly warned that this habit kills them step-by-step. Smokers are permanently reminded that they will suffer if they will not quit.

But smokers keep consuming tobacco despite all of these warnings. Why? Because they’d rather die than live without cigarettes.

They get used that smoking is a shield, protecting them from all kinds of stresses, extra grease, worries and anxieties. Imagining that they do not smoke, smokers feel naked and exposed to all threats of life!

Naturally, they get an idea that even the death is less horrible than a miserable existence without using tobacco.

They are feared by lack of tobacco smoke much more than all medical warnings about its harmful effects. Does it sound funny? Only for those who never enjoyed the amazing cigarette taste!

Smoking is a lifestyle; this is what is unclear to those who blame cigarette users for their habit. They say the behaviour of smokers is not social as they spread the threat of tobacco over themselves and others. If it is a threat for the others, they must not stand closely to smokers and will escape it.

As for the smokers, they are threatened by various dangers if they quit. We can list just some of dangers, which threaten smokers if they quit.

Smoking affects the human brain. This is a sophisticated process, which progress is still under study. But a direct follow of quitting smoking is the inability to have a high workability. The tobacco affects the behaviour of smokers, makes them think more rapidly, move faster, decide quicker.

After they quit, this stimulating effect is off, the weakness and slow reaction are coming instead. Such persons are not undertakable, they work slowly, the results of their activities are low.

Smoking is efficient to attract an opposite gender. Cigarettes add encharming to women and masculinity to men. Women imagine their ideal men with cigarettes in their hands. A seductive image of a lady with a cigarette between her lips hits any real man who will under no circumstances stand her attraction!

Remember the history of Marlboro cigarettes. The Marlboro cowboy is an icon symbol of masculinity, but its image attracted millions of female smokers who saw him as their ideal male figure.

Smoking is an appetite suppressant and an effective remedy against obesity. Those who quit smoking are risking getting an extra weight within some days after quitting.

These reasons must be enough to understand why smokers keep so steadily to their addiction.

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