When a first time e cigarette user is ordering their new starter kit, the most common question is “What strength of nicotine do I choose?”

This all depends on the user. People react differently to nicotine levels. Heavy smokers might not like high levels of nicotine, and light smokers might want higher levels to satisfy cravings this all depends on the individual.

When choosing your nicotine strength, it is recommended to try a couple of different strengths before committing to one. Nicotine strength is based on the amount of nicotine per milliliter. EverSmoke e cigaerettes offers four different nicotine strengths

  • Full Flavored (18 mg of nicotine)

  • Light (12 mg of nicotine)

  • Ultra Light (6 mg of nicotine)

  • No Nicotine cartridge ( for those who still need the sensation of a cigarette but don t want the addictive nicotine)

Traditional cigarette smokers who are used to smoking Marlboro Red for example will most likely enjoy a Full Flavored nicotine cartridge of 18mg.

Smokers who enjoy smoking Marlboro Lights tend to fall in the category of a light smoker and use a light strength (12 mg) cartridge.

Light or casual smokers, who traditionally smoke Marlboro Ultra Light, would tend to choose EverSmoke s Ultra Light cartridges containing 6mg of nicotine.

Then there are the customers who either enjoy the act of smoking and have weaned themselves off of nicotine, or just enjoy the taste of tobacco, or one of the many e cigarette liquid flavors out there. These customers would purchase a No Nicotine cartridge, which contain no nicotine at all.

When smoking an e cigarette, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First is the difference between traditional and e cigarettes. Your new e cigarette is not going to taste identical to the traditional cigarette you have been smoking for years. If you were used to smoking Marlboro Reds, but are trying to wean off of nicotine all together, you should start off with Full Flavored and work to lower your nicotine dosage from there. A new electronic cigarette user should remember that you can always go down in nicotine strength.

EverSmoke offers cartridges in 10 different flavors. The cartridges come in Classic Tobacco, Royal Tobacco, Golden Tobacco, Pi&ntilde a Colada, Peach Passion, Coffee Creation, Peppermint Party, Very Vanilla, Cool Menthol and Cherry Crush.

An EverSmoke cartridge is equivalent to one and a half packs of cigarettes, equal to about 300 500 puffs, depending on the user.

Each of these flavors is available in a variety of nicotine strengths.

So pick one and give it a try. Remember, you can adjust the nicotine strength to find the right type of cartridge for your needs.

Philip morris eyes selling cheaper marlboro cigarettes

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MANILA, Philippines Tobacco giant Philip Morris is planning to introduce low priced Marlboro cigarettes in the domestic market, in an effort to stem its declining market share.

The Lucio Tan controlled Philip Morris Fortune Tobacco Corporation (PMFTC) wrote a letter to the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), seeking a permit to register Marlboro Original, Marlboro Gold Lights, Marlboro Menthol, and Marlboro Black Menthol in the low price category.

If the BIR grants the permit, Marlboro cigarettes will be sold cheaper and will compete against Champion, Fortune and Jackpot, other low priced brands also owned by PMFTC.

PMFTC president Paul Riley said PMFTC will still maintain original Marlboro products in the premium category and its flagship brand, Philip Morris, will not be produced in the low price category.

The new excise tax law states that the BIR should implement low and premium tax rates for cigarettes from 2013 to 2016.

By 2017, a single rate of P30 per pack will be implemented.

Riley said PMFTC s production volume dropped from 92 billion sticks in 2012 to 68 billion in 2013. By 2014, volume may go down further at 48 billion sticks.

“This is why we need to do something to reverse the current trend. What is more worrying, we expect the down trading to continue, with the Marlboro volume further decreasing to 7.9 billion sticks in 2014,” Riley said.

Riley said the decrease in production and sales was due to the shift to lower priced cigarettes.

The implementation of the Sin Tax Law has allowed Filipino owned brand Mighty Corp. and British American Tobacco to gain momentum as cigarette consumption shifted to the cheaper brands.

Industry estimates showed that 25 percent of premium and sub premium smokers have switched to the P1 per stick brands since the law took effect in 2012.

“To prevent this dire development, the company is willing to significantly cut its margins by introducing new Marlboro products with Net Retail Selling Prices (NRSPs) of below P11.50/pack,” Riley said.

“The company is hoping to get an additional volume of 8.9 billion sticks in 2014 which, in turn, can help the BIR collect more revenues from cigarettes,” he added.

The BIR, meanwhile, is looking into reports of under declaration by Mighty Corp. following complaints from other cigarette industry players.