kent_hd_futuraKent cigarettes are a brand of cigarettes, which are manufactured in the US since 1952 and got their name after Herbert Kent, a past leader of Lorillard Tobacco. Initially, the Kent cigarettes were presented as light cigarette.

Initially, these cigarettes were popular to the point that they were even used as cash in a few nations. Around the finish of 1970s, the brand turns into the property of British American Tobacco Group, and its use begins outside the American landmass.

BAT pushed the production of this brand under another name and blueprint. So there was Kent HD, transforming into a legend of the all inclusive tobacco industry.

The change moreover affected the nearness of a pack of cigarettes – the steel focuses were balanced, were depicted with a fortress that was basically diminished in size, the brand name on the pack got to be engraved in the English and Russian dialects, and shading impacts themselves get the opportunity to show up as something else depending upon the level of straightforwardness of cigarettes.

In the spring of 2007, the production of cigarettes Kent Nanotek in Compact King Size venture begins. They fluctuate from their trailblazers, having a length of 83 mm and a length of 5 mm. A pack of cigarettes is secluded into two sections and is a sort of a cigarette case. Each one of the three sorts of Kent cigarettes – White Infina 1, Silver Neo Blue Futura 4 and 8 – showed up in these new unique bundles in 2008.

In 2008, BAT Kent Nanotek showed in another model as Compact King Size. Cigarettes of this course of action were 83 mm long and 5 mm wide, dazzling and minimal, and came to taste of both women and men. This brand of cigarettes simply detonated the US tobacco field.

At the present minute, the change and rebranding have taken off gigantic headways to the perspective of Kent cigarette stamp, with the objective that they are open in a wide range.

In 2011, BAT displayed progression – Kent Convertibles, cases with the embodiment of menthol, which transformed into a jump forward in the market. This brand of cigarettes is conspicuous as a result of the way that moderateness is solidified with bona fide tobacco taste and the possibility that they are available to everyone.

Kent cigarettes are the highest point of the line cigarette stamp in the tobacco business in the score fragment, holding positions in more than 10 overall markets. Everything that was discussed Kent cigarettes in more than 60 years is legitimate, notwithstanding: these cigarettes are synonymous with excess quality.