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Angus & Julia Stone

  • Angus Stone
  • Julia Stone

Studio albums

  • A Book Like This
  • Down the Way

Compilation albums

  • Memories of an Old Friend
  • For You


  • Chocolates and Cigarettes
  • Heart Full of Wine
  • The Beast
  • Hollywood
  • Live Session (iTunes Exclusive)
  • Big Jet Plane
  • iTunes Live Live from Sydney

Angus Stone solo

  • Lady of the Sunshine Smoking Gun
  • Broken Brights

Julia Stone solo

  • The Memory Machine
  • Let’s Forget All the Things That We Say
  • By the Horns


E smoking 101: electronic cigarette reviews and beginner guide

Strasbourg, 26 February 2014

Today s vote in the European Parliament is a milestone towards a harmonised regulatory framework for electronic cigarettes in Europe and ideally globally. We will continue to work with the European Commission and EU Member States to ensure this less harmful alternative to conventional tobacco products is widely available to smokers while strictly and uniformly regulated. Ray Story, CEO of TVECA

Commenting from the European Parliament in Strasbourg, Ray Story, CEO of TVECA, said the Directive recognises e cigarettes as a specific product within the Tobacco Products Directive and introduces strict quality, safety, packaging and labelling standards thus setting a new standard for the protection for consumers in the world .

While the Directive will lead to higher costs for the sector to comply with all the new requirements it also will contribute to the sector s longevity and thus to a solid future for the electronic cigarette as a less harmful alternative to conventional tobacco products.