Philip Morris created Marlboro brand in 1924 as a women cigarettes brand. First Marlboro cigarettes were made from paper painted in red around the filter to hide fingerprints lipstick (this was called “Beauty Tips to Keep the Paper from Your Lips”), filter and tobacco.

Only in 1950, Philip Morris try to change Marlboro cigarettes. In 50s cigarettes with filter were considered less dangerous to health than unfiltered. But the company faced with one big problem, the problem of moral ethics of men buyers. Men liked to smoke Marlboro with filter, but hesitated to do this, because it was considered a disgrace, cigarettes with filter were considered only for women.

But Loe Burnett expert in advertising, proposed a campaign to change the Marlboro cigarettes and re masculine them, Marlboro cigarettes from a female become male.

Philip Morris does not believe in final success of the campaign, but Leo all done correctly and professionally, and company’s sales increased by 25%.

The first “Marlboro Man” was the embodiment of men of brave professions a war correspondent, a sea captain, a worker and the legendary cowboy. Cowboy become a leader of a brand covers. At the same time has been changed and pack design appeared the famous white arrow crashing into the red background, as well as packaging form, called Flip top with a solid board with a hinged lid.

Today Marlboro is known for its sponsorship of motor racing and active support of motor sport, sponsorship with Formula One and Ferrari. You can buy Marlboro cigarettes with six flavors Marlboro Reds, Marlboro Mediums, Marlboro Lights, Marlboro Ultra Light, Marlboro Menthol, Marlboro Smooth.

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