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contribute to their popularity. Bidi cigarettes are occasionally marketed as a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes, but many independent laboratory studies have confirmed that bidi cigarettes produce as many or more harmful chemicals when compared to a conventional are several brand of bidi cigarettes that are commonly available for purchase in the United States. Smoke shops and head shops often carry bidi cigarettes for sale, especially in stores located in larger metropolitan areas. A few websites also carry bidi cigarettes for purchase online, including The Azabidi website is run from Indian and offers traditional non filtered bidi cigarettes for $8 for a pack of 500. Filtered bidis are available for $8 for a pack of 200 and come in a variety of flavors, including menthol, chocolate, pineapple and website also has bidi cigarettes available for purchase and offers a wider range of flavors. Bidi cigarettes are available in cherry, cinnamon, clove, grape, mint and strawberry. Bidi cigarettes from Desi Smoke retail for 345 Rupees (approximately $6.50) for a pack of 200. Desi Smoke also operates from India, so cigarettes purchased online and shipped to the United States typically take from two to three weeks to cigarettes have remained popular in India for several hundred years. Factory and small scale production of bidi cigarettes employs several million individuals in India. Bidi cigarettes are not well known in the United States, but are gaining popularity in some areas, despite the health risks associated with reference links ,a,1374,q, /