Marlboro Reds are the full flavors, or the strongest.
Lights come in a gold box, and are less harsh than the reds.
Menthols come in a green pack, and have a mint taste.
Milds come in a blue, and are a less harsh menthol.
Blend 27’s come in a brownish pack with kind of a wood pattern and are a blend that has a very hard to describe taste.
72’s, are simply shorter versions of the regular cigarettes in each variety, as 100’s are simply longer cigarettes.

But yeah, if you don’t smoke… don’t start. It’s not that great, it’s terrible for you, it doesn’t make you sexy or cool, and it’s sooo expensive, and not getting any cheaper.

And if you’re already hooked on smoking… one other thing to know about the Marlboro brand is that they have fiberglass filters.

Also, menthol cigarettes crystallize your lungs. I’m not sure if it’s true, but I’ve been told if a regular heavy menthol smoker gets into a car accident, the sudden impact combined with the crystallization of the lungs can actually cause them to shatter.

What types of marlboro cigarettes are there

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  • What type of Marlboro cigarette has the most tar?


  • What type of marlboro cigarette is most harmful?

    Blend N.27

  • Marlboro cigarettes how to enter into contest?

    Go to this website and register.

  • A carton marlboro cigarette in NY?

    Around 110 bucks

  • Who is the target market for Marlboro cigarettes?

    That would be a very debatable subject to some, but from the product advertisements I have observed