Periodically, a completely new product comes into the life of every smoker. It is inexplicable, but true, it captivates with its exclusivity and unusual composition.

The hearty and spicy taste makes cigarettes, containing pure tobacco so popular. Honest, unconventional and distinctive, Drum cigarettes not only position themselves as the reward for experienced smokers, but also for individualists who appreciate a special taste. The high-quality cigarette tobaccos are made from a carefully matched tobacco blend of exquisite Virginia and Kentucky tobaccos according to high quality standards. This is a balance, a combination of excellent quality.

Enjoy slowly, taste the aroma, fly in nirvana. After all, here it is – your amazing choice, so fragrant and beautiful for you. When you do all this, you will understand how deeply you began to understand smoking, all the nuances and the smallest details. This is how smokers learn – carefully, deliberately and consciously. This is how real gurus, experts in their field, are born.

In the online store you can buy Drum cigarettes with delivery. This is the most successful and promising investment of money. No one has yet regretted it. And we are talking about very sophisticated and experienced smokers. And everything is very simple – you visit an online cigarette store, find the product you like in the list and click on it. Once you have filled out the application, all you have to do is wait for it to be received. And it’s not long. Just a few days.

What are Drum cigarettes?

Drum cigarettes first appeared on the Dutch market in 1952. Following this event, this product quickly gained international recognition. Drum is currently the “Number 1” cigarette with a high sales volume. They are represented in more than 80 countries. The advantages of this product are natural taste and aroma. This is possible thanks to the use of high quality tobacco leaves from around the world. With this unique formula, Drum has the ideal moisture content, which ensures ease of smoking and brings out the taste of tobacco during the smoking process. And this served as its wide distribution around the world.