This article will tell you about changes which take part in the body after quitting smoking, about the negative consequences of smoking cessation. You need to be ready for it, because you should be expecting a lot to happen.

The weakening of immune system. The immune system, adapted to nicotine and other harmful substances (tobacco smoke contains more than 3,000 chemical compounds), after the cessation of smoking loses a constant doping and gets to be oppressed.

Therefore, during the first days of cessation someone might catch a cold or any virus infection.

Studies have shown that in some people there may develop stomatitis during the first few days after quitting of smoking, and there appear sores on the mucosa of the mouth or on the lips.

Cough. After smoking, the body gets rid of tobacco tar and pitch accumulated lungs for years, and the best way of getting rid of the foreign “accumulations” is namely a cough.

So, if during the first days (weeks) you suffer from dry cough, you know – this is an evidence of the recovery of the body.

Irritability and low mood. Quitting smoking may be accompanied by sudden mood swings, nervousness or depression.

In someone this state lasts a few days, in someone else – a week, all experience it differently, but there is one exact thing – sooner or later it passes. It is interesting to mention the recent research conducted by American scientists in this context.

Examination of a large group of people showed incorrectness of persistent belief of many nicotine-dependent that after quitting the mood gets worse.

Experiments have indicated that the effects of smoking cessation are exactly the opposite – even a temporary cessation of smoking of cigarettes is accompanied by a significant improvement in mood.

Weakness and distraction. There is a decreased sugar level in the blood in the body after giving up smoking during the first 3-5 days .

This is accompanied by all sorts of complaints, the most common of which are headache, confusion, dizziness and distorted perception of time.

Weight gain. For many smokers, one of the main barriers on the way to quitting smoking is the fear of fast gaining of weight.

Indeed, having quitted smoking cigarettes, a person usually experiences a feeling of hunger.

However, as shown by many studies, after giving up smoking the excessive weight is only gained by 51% of women and 60% of men, and on average it is 1-5 kg, which disaapear in 1-3 month.

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