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Cigarettes are the most common type of tobacco. Cigarettes won and secured the status of quality products in the tobacco market. A good example is the collection of Sobranie cigarettes. They have a wide range, rich taste, high-quality tobacco, and this attracts buyers. As before, tobacco products testify to the good taste and status of the person smoking them.
Cigarettes of this brand have the following characteristics:

interesting packaging design that attracts attention;
quality filter;
the length of a cigarette is longer than that of ordinary cigarettes;
pleasant and light taste;
Only high-quality tobacco is used for filling.

This variety has a mild flavor. One cigarette contains 0.1 ml of nicotine and 1 mg of tar. Tobacco products from this series are thin and have white color, length of 10 cm. The harm from nicotine is reduced due to the presence of a multi-stage carbon filter.
The manufacturers have thought over the design of the pack well – on a white background there is a burgundy curl that looks like a stream of smoke.

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