Are there cigarettes designed for the most diverse audience?! Yes, you are not wrong! Such a brand of cigarettes really exists and pleases its admirers. Everyone knows it; we are talking about Winston cigarettes. This is a timeless classic and traditional approach to smoking. These cigarettes themselves choose their fans, for no one can be indifferent to them. Regardless of age, status or gender – all smokers rush to try variations of the brand and stop at their personal choice. And the huge assortment of flavors and categories will not deceive the audience in its expectation.

Winston cigarettes with a prominent W have long been one of the famous tobacco brands of our time and have gained popularity all over the world. The ratio of price and quality are the ideal components of cigarettes.

Every year the brand continues to grow and develop, launching new products, covering all segments of the global tobacco market.

In our 21st century, there have been profound changes in this very market of cigarettes. The demands of smokers have changed in a different direction and they have demanded new flavors and shapes. As a consequence, the company has updated the product lines, introduced flavors and sophisticated designs. Here, for example, is such a new line – Super Slims – elegant cigarettes with a length of 100 and a thickness of just over 5 mm. This version focuses more on the female audience.

What are Winston cigarettes?

For a very long period of time, the city of Winston, located in the state – North Carolina, was just a small town. But in the year 1875, it ceased to be an ordinary place, the story of the course of events changed. The fact is that Richard Joshua Reynolds-founder of RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company, built the first factory to produce tobacco products. Initially, the company sold all kinds of chewing tobacco, popular then in America and globally. Next, pipe tobacco and cigarettes were added to the product line. American smokers were hungry for new things, strong tobacco was going out of fashion, a different, rich flavor had to replace the conventional standards of taste. It was necessary to break out of ordinariness, to become the great trend in the field. The smoking public was desperate for a new product. And Winston cigarettes became such a product.