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I’ve been wanting to try some sort of European cigarette but have no way of getting them, anyone know how/where I could get them or maybe send a pack my way? #2 (permalink) 09 05 2012, 09 15 AM tarik Member Join Date Sep 2011 Location Morocco Posts 36 Rep Power 0

well if you’re gonna smoke amercian cigs like marlboro or camel they are much better in the usa european marlboro is crap these days but if you’re looking for some good european cigs here are some you gotta try if you go there lucky strike filters (not available in the usa) and benson & hedges gold and if you want something different with less chemicals you may try jps, dunhill or rothmans #3 (permalink) 09 05 2012, 10 40 AM ianus Member Join Date Mar 2011 Location Croatia Posts 61 Rep Power 9

I would also sugest Muratti Ambassador, Gauloises and Karelias. #4 (permalink) 10 18 2012, 05 10 AM Tobacco Junior Member Join Date Oct 2012 Posts 17 Rep Power 0 European Cigarettes?

Red & White is low cost cigarettes but has a pleasant quality and it is also manufactured by Philip Morris International. Luxury brand of cigarettes and it is manufactured by British American Tobacco Company.
Camel cigarettes were introduced in 1913 by R.J Reynolds Tobacco Company and since then it has became a prime contender in the cigarettes market.
Winston Cigarettes were introduced in 1954 and are manufactured by R.J Reynolds Tobacco Company.
Marlboro is the leading tobacco brand in the world. It was introduced in 1924 and since then they have become the largest selling cigarette product in the world due to its high quality cigarettes. #5 (permalink) 10 22 2012, 06 37 AM Russian Smoker Junior Member Join Date Jun 2012 Location Russian Federation Posts 21 Rep Power 0

I advise you to try unfiltered Gitanes and Gauloises from France, they contain strong “dark” tobacco. Also I recommend George Karelias & Sons with finest Virginia. These cigarettes are made in Greece.
So, Benson & Hedges are good, specially in UK.
European Marlboros, Luckies and Camels are horrible. #6 (permalink) 10 22 2012, 10 36 AM marlborofan Senior Member Join Date Jul 2012 Location Marlboro Country! Well, Scotland… Posts 224 Rep Power 26

I have to say I don’t think UK Marlboros, Luckies or Camels are bad, but then I have never smoked anything but them so that figures I guess.

If I ever go to America I’ll be sure to try the American counterparts.
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marlborofan, it is possible. I didn’t smoke UK brands excluding Benson & Hedges and John Player Special (they are very tasty). But Swiss made Marlboros and German Luckies or Camels are poor, taste is so nasty.
Maybe cigarettes in the UK have higher quality then other European. Also I like Spanish cigarettes, especially Ducados Negros.

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Originally Posted by Nero I’ve been wanting to try some sort of European cigarette but have no way of getting them, anyone know how/where I could get them or maybe send a pack my way? I’ve ordered cigs and rolling tobacco from url /url They are located in Greece. Rather high price with shipping and all but a good way to try different cigs. I felt the premade cigs from there were ok but certainly milder than US cigs. I also did not notice if they were fsc.

Very fast shipping time too is another plus

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Euobserver / eu to ban menthol cigarettes, impose scary pictures

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Dalli’s successor, Tonio Borg, noted that smoking kills 700,000 people a year in Europe. “This means that a city the size of Palermo is wiped off the map every single year,” he said.

He added the law is aimed at preventing young people from getting into the habit.

A former smoker himself, he said “It’s not because we treat people as if they were stupid, but we want to help EU citizens come to the right decision … Smokers should not be treated like the lepers of modern times, but at the same time we should protect citizens who do not want to smoke.”

He also said he did not water down Dalli’s earlier draft of the bill in any way, a claim backed up by Dalli.

“I have seen a version of what has been proposed. I cannot see any relevant changes from my earlier proposal,” Dalli told EUobserver by email.

Wednesday’s bill sets the scene for fresh lobbying and politicking in the European Parliament and in EU countries’ embassies in Brussels, which can still amend the law.

The centre right EPP group in parliament immediately welcomed Borg’s “balanced” text. But the centre left S&D faction said it should force cigarettes to be sold in plain packs with the brand indicated only by a line of text, as in Australia.

For its part, cigarette maker Philip Morris, which made a profit of almost &#x20AC 7 billion last year, said the directive’s “numerous flaws need to be addressed.”

British American Tobacco (also &#x20AC 7 billion) said the bill is “not proportionate” and promised “to make our voice heard over the course of the next year” in the EU institutions.

In a sign of the tobacco lobby’s power, Borg noted that he met on two occasions with Swedish ministers who urged him to lift the snus ban.

Tobacco lobbyists also get frequent meetings with top advisors to Borg’s boss, commission chief Jose Manuel Barroso.

But for Epha, a Brussels based anti smoking NGO, Borg’s bill indicates that big tobacco’s message is falling on deaf ears.

“I hope this is a watershed moment for the relationship between the commission and the tobacco industry,” its director, Monika Kosinska, said. “The directive proves that the commission did not listen to the lobbyists,” Epha’s Javier Delgado Rivera added.

Zooming in on snus, users insert pellets of the stuff against their gums, where tiny crystals on the surface of the product lacerate the skin to get nicotine into their bloodstream.

It is loved by Swedish right wingers who see it as part of Swedish national identity.

It is also popular with children because they can use it, for instance, during class in school without the teacher being able to see.

“There is evidence to show that if you were to introduce snus into the European market, it would be a great success,” Borg said.