As a smoker, you will no doubt examine many tobacco products, and of course strive to smoke only the finest quality. And here is one of those companies. The Karelia Tobacco sells all natural products. Chemical and synthetic components are not added to cigarettes, the amount of harmful substances reaches a minimum percentage. Oriental Greek tobacco differs in the presence of sugar – 20%. The appearance of the leaves of this tobacco variety creates a special aftertaste and maintains ease of puffing. Raw materials are processed according to proprietary technologies – steam processing. But Karelia has kept the secret of making its products a secret for many centuries.

Karelia is responding to the challenges of tobacco trends by maintaining its strong position in this niche, and its reputation for high quality constantly surprises and amazes smokers.

Let’s see which version smokers prefer – Karelia cigarettes – a thin format, introduced on the market in 1995 for women. They are smoked easily and naturally.

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What are Karelia cigarettes?

Karelia cigarettes are produced by the manufacturer – Karelia Tobacco Company Inc. The corporation has existed since 1888 in Greece. The head office of the company is located in the city of Kalamata. The founders of the production were the tobacco grower George Karelias and his brother Statis. It all started with a small shop of brothers. And soon their small business grew into a big business. Karelia cigarettes are cigarettes containing organic smoking material without chemical additives. Extra class tobacco from a globally sought-after manufacturer. A series of goods focuses on connoisseurs of tobacco varieties of the highest hierarchy.