bond_classicBond Street or just Bond is the international cigarette brand that is sold in more than 50 countries around the world and manufactured by Philip Morris International.

The history of the brand dates back to 1902. Philip Morris, the company founder, owned a boutique on Bond Street (Bond Street) in London. 1902 was the year when Albert, King of Belgium, one of the great fans of Morris, granted the title of Royal boutique to that seller of tobacco products.

The brand was named after the Bond Street (street of luxury boutiques and shops in London’s Mayfair).

Bond cigarettes are typical cigarettes for the middle class and their mode of life. They are a gift for those who want to buy cigarettes against affordable prices.

This is one of seldom cases when inexpensive products appear to be qualitative enough to satisfy the needs of millions of capricious smokers who want to utilize high-quality cigarettes. The superior quality is secured by long-existing production norms of Philip Morris. Therefore, customers can enjoy Bond cigarettes and are never disappointed with them.

This brand keeps market shares in different countries of the world. Bond cigarettes are successfully promoted in European, Latin American countries, the United States of America.

This brand is currently marketed toward different groups of population. Therefore, some sub-brands have appeared, which are available in three flavors:

filtered (red)
Light (blue)
Superlight (white)

and three more flavored versions of “Bond Street Special”:

Rich (filtered)
Mild (light)
Fine (super light).

The initial packages of Bond cigarettes are now multiplied. An up-to-date pack of Bond cigarettes contains 10 to 20 pieces.

For a long time, Bond cigarettes were king size or longer. The manufacturer works on new designs now.

It would take a long time to describe all advantages of traditional and re-branded Bond cigarettes, their nice, spicy, charming flavor, and wide choice.

Now, a consumer can get all this information, sitting in an armchair at home and browsing websites. Consumers can see and read all necessary descriptions, see designs, rapidly contact the customer support.

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