Smokers, who have extensive smoking experience, are increasingly returning to the well-known brands. This happens because they know them only from their strongest sides, and are aware of what these cigarettes give them – a high, satisfaction of nicotine hunger, and pleasure from the process itself.

You’ve probably already guessed what brand of cigarettes we’ll be talking about. That’s right; these are Benson & Hedges cigarettes! Currently they are presented in gold, silver and green packs. All these flowers indicate the intensity, or lightness, and menthol freshness of the product. Thus, absolutely any consumer will find his favorite and personal product for every occasion. The whole history of this brand consists of dizzying success and an army of fans around the world. And you have already become one of them!

You can order Benson cigarettes from a reliable online cigarette platform. This is a genuine product and is only purchased from official suppliers, so you can rest assured of the quality. You will be attracted by the affordable prices. This type of shopping is very, very profitable in this regard. And remember that the huge selection of these products in the online marketplace is an obvious plus. There is no such concept – there is no product in stock. It will always be there and you won’t be left without a purchase.

What are Benson & Hedges cigarettes?

Benson & Hedges – Traditional cigarettes from Northern Ireland, they fully embody the traditions and ancient recipes of this region. The significant history of this brand began in 1885. At that time, tobacco products from business partners Richard Benson and William Hedge began to be sold on the market. Further, in 1900, the expansion of British manufacturing followed, and it moved to the vastness of Canada and the USA. A very serious and responsible approach to product quality and a tobacco blend that has surpassed its time have moved this brand to the pedestal of tobacco products. It is dominated by the Virginia tobacco variety. This is a brand that exists outside of time. And the smoker is always guaranteed to have excellent taste and aroma when smoking.