Rothmans cigarettes are a premium brand that appeared on the shelves of London stores in the distant 1890. It all begins with the opening of a small tobacco kiosk on Fleet Street in 1890. The founder of the brand Louis Rothman chose this particular street, because it housed publishers and editorial offices of newspapers and magazines. The first buyers were local journalists and reporters. The cigarettes that were sold in this kiosk were hand-twisted and made by Rothman himself at night. Quite quickly Rothman cigarettes gained fame and became popular not only among reporters, but also among aristocrats.

This demand for products allowed him to open two more small stores. And already in 1900 Rothman opens a small showroom on the fashionable street of Pell-Mell. At this time, the young entrepreneur began to work actively on the creation of cigarettes of different brands. By 1902, he exported cigarettes to South America, the Netherlands to India and Australia.

Despite the fact that the brand with the same name exists on the market for more than 100 years, it still has a great number of admirers all over the world. Today, Rothmans cigarettes are sold in seventy countries around the world, with the list expanding every year. The trademark belongs to the transnational corporation British American Tobacco.

Cigarettes are distinguished by the original taste of the tobacco mixture, unlike any classical American or British mixture. The secret is that the manufacturer uses exceptionally high-quality tobacco of excellent quality, agitated and dried in sunny countries. Pure tobacco flavor, which does not contain odors from outside, and a rich deep taste with a thick smoke at the outlet, is what distinguishes Rothmans.

Rothmans cigarettes successfully combine the taste and performance of premium products, while their price is comparable to ordinary cigarettes of the middle class. The packaging design looks impressive: expensive materials, elegant logo, deep palette of colors, sharp corners – all this gives the pack an expensive appearance, turning it into a stylish accessory.

Today, 120 years after the launch of the sale, Rothmans cigarettes are experiencing a second birth. The manufacturer revised the bag, making the taste of tobacco more refined, refined and memorable, which is inherent in the British and perfectly characterizes their traditions in the tobacco industry. Cigarettes received a special filter mouthpiece, which not only makes the taste of the product more expressive, but also substantially cools the smoke.

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