camel_filtersThe Camel cigarettes brand is extremely popular in the entire world. Its initial developer and manufacturer was Reynolds. These cigarettes then became a hit brand, which successfully contributed to the company’s prosperity and market expansion. The Camel Brand was a real turn point in the tobacco consumption history. Their manufacturer started innovatively marketing the packaged tobacco stuff. Before, smokers mostly preferred to consume their homemade cigarettes.

Their appearance became a present for all smokers who want to enjoy client-friendly ready smoking solutions. The trademark’s name derives from the Turkish paper, which was used for their manufacturing. The manufacturer used newly developed Egyptian shapes for the production of cigarettes. New designs promoted the cigarettes promotion up to approximately 420 million pieces yearly.

The cigarette flavor was sufficiently improved and simultaneously made much stronger. The manufacturer promoted these cigarettes with capturing mottos alike “I would be ready to cross a mile to buy one Camel”, which attracted thousands of consumers worldwide.

The manufacturer developed the newest marketing trends in order to promote their products into tobacco market. During World War I and World War II, these cigarettes were given free-of-charge. Since 1987, the manufacturing company has been using the ‘Joe Camel’ icon as the cigarette logo, which figure is well-known to smokers of the entire world!

Various variants of Camel Brand are promoted in various parts of the globe. The best-known variants, differing with the tobacco tastes, are: Platinum, gold, Silver (lights), Menthol Green Wides (lights), Turkish Silver (Ultra lights blend) and others. Menthol-based cigarette versions are marketed as well. Such cigarette is based on a menthol-liquid bead, providing smokers a supplementary menthol scent.

New cigarette versions are Mellow, Robust, Winter chill and the others are globally marketed successfully.

For smokers, these cigarettes are one of especially desired brands of the entire world. They are one of preferences of the military and other professionals. The questioning shows that the most smokers are completely pleased with these cigarettes, these are the data of worldwide statistics. Smokers are really proud to consume them! Smokers recognize the top quality of these cigarettes, just seeing the camel depicted on cigarette packages. Find an opportunity to try them and you will surely not be disappointed!