At the moment, there are few brands of cigarettes that are known worldwide and are quite popular. This is not even due to the fact that now most of the population leads a healthy lifestyle. The reason lies in the fact that the road to the world market is open only to a quality manufacturer and a large company. One such example is the “LM” brand that is targeted to buy cigarettes online.
This brand of tobacco products has a great success since years in 75 countries. The brand first appeared as a sales leader in the United States in 1953 and produced the first filter cigarettes of the Liggett Group. The production was launched by releasing products with a white filter that has become radically distinguished from the other brands.

The firm, which produces the “LM” cigarettes, has become known throughout the world, it is called as the Philip Morris International. The name that is known to everyone who likes to buy cigarettes online uk! The brand name is derived from the first letters of the names of the creators of the LM compact cigarettes – Liggett & Myers. Despite the fact that the sharpness of the compact is increased, after the next tightening in the mouth there is a pleasant taste. Anyway, this clearly distinguishes them from other famous brands that were created earlier.

The brand includes not too many species, but they are all different from each other. Therefore, a person with any smoking experience can easily buy cigarettes online, identifying them among other products.
A connoisseur of quality tobacco will be pleased with the decision, trying to buy cigarettes online. Professionals often conducted experiments on the design of packaging, trying to find the ideal that you now see on the shop window.
It does not matter how many times this brand was changed, it was still recognized, and it still remains popular.