The electronic IQOS gadget is based on the unique HEAT-NOT-BURN ™ technology. IQOS does not burn, but heats the tobacco to about 240-270 Celsius degrees, which produces an aerosol instead of smoke, and thus reveals the real taste of tobacco. This taste attracts smokers, making them ready to order IQOS Heat sticks Australia wide.

The pricing of online stores is a leading factor to promote IQOS Heat sticks Australia wide.

The pricing of online stores to promote IQOS Heat sticks Australia wide is formed from the sum of the purchase cost and the margin. If the supplier assigns an RRP (recommended retail price), then the task is slightly simplified – it is impossible to set the cost below it, and above it usually does not make sense. When you can set the price yourself, several factors need to be calculated and analyzed, for example: telephony and internet; payment to employees; warehouse or office rent; other expenses arising in the course of work.

Based on the planned sales volumes, a calculation is made – what profit must be obtained in order not to work at a loss, as well as the amount of allowable possible discounts. At the same time, the price should be attractive to buyers – lower than that of competitors.

It should also be borne in mind that the selling price for the same goods from suppliers may be different. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly monitor the more beneficial offers to promote IQOS Heat sticks Australia wide. There are several ways to reduce the purchase price: constantly look for new suppliers, not only online, but also at various exhibitions and presentations;

monitor the sites of competitors with a lower price – sometimes you can find the supplier’s watermarks on the photos, and sometimes the photos are uploaded directly from his site;

try not to look for resellers, but for direct manufacturers or dealers;

even if cooperation with a supplier continues for a long time, you can negotiate additional discounts and special conditions with him.

These are the principles, by which we are guided in our online shop’s activities to let our customers purchase IQOS Heat sticks Australia wide. And with great success!