Escape, E Lites, Skycig and other well known electronic cigarette brands are Cig a likes and are designed to offer a safer alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. These electronic cigarettes are similar in size to tobacco cigarettes and are used in exactly the same way to provide all the things you like about smoking, the sensation, the taste, the hit and the social experience but without all of the things you don t need that are in tobacco cigarettes, tar, carbon monoxide and thousands of chemicals and carcinogens. Cig a likes simulate the act of smoking a tobacco cigarette, they look and feel like cigarettes and are used with an identical hand to mouth action to satisfy your tactile and oral cravings. You simply puff and they produce a smoke like vapour that quickly delivers nicotine in exactly the same way as tobacco cigarettes.

Cig a likes comprise of just two parts, a rechargeable battery and a single use disposable refill cartridge, once you attach the two parts together you have an electronic cigarette that looks just like a tobacco cigarette. For more details see our guide to How Electronic Cigarettes Work . But this is not the only reason that using Cig a like e cigarettes is like smoking tobacco cigarettes, if you smoke cigarettes you might buy a pack of 10 each day, or pack of 20, or two packs of 20, it s your choice, you know what you are buying and how many cigarettes you want to smoke. Cig a like refill cartridges are designed to deliver the same nicotine content as a pack of 20 tobacco cigarettes and depending on your smoking style, each refill cartridge should deliver as many inhalations as a pack of 20 cigarettes. So, just like smoking you can choose how many e cigarette refills you buy and how much nicotine you use, however, with Escape refill cartridges you always have the choice to select a lower strength refill cartridge, from 24mg to 18mg to 12mg to 6mg to 0mg, so the path to nicotine independence is clear.

So while using Cig a like electronic cigarettes is like smoking tobacco cigarettes, there are two big differences Cig a like e cigarettes are much safer and cost much less than tobacco cigarettes. Tobacco cigarettes are expensive because they are dangerous to health, the Government is constantly increasing the duty on tobacco cigarettes to pay for the cost of treating smoking related diseases. E cigarettes do not contain tobacco and are not subject to Government duty, which makes them significantly cheaper than tobacco cigarettes. Once you have purchased an Escape starter kit, all you need to buy are our refill cartridges. A pack of 5 Escape refill cartridges costs around the same as a pack of 20 tobacco cigarettes and each cartridge is equivalent to around 20 tobacco cigarettes. On average, smokers that have switched from tobacco to electronic cigarettes are saving around 80% on their smoking costs!

Vaping Devices and Why the EU will Ban these Products

If you have researched Vaping Devices you will have found products called eGos, Mods and AVPs to name just three, with brand names like Bombshell, Torpedo and Volcano. Vaping Devices have large batteries and liquid tanks and comprise of many components including atomisers, coils and wicks which have to be replaced on a regular basis. They have many different features and functions like variable voltage and variable resistance switches.
There are two main concerns with Vaping Devices, the size of the liquid tanks and the types of liquid used in the devices. The tanks of some of the larger devices can hold up to 10ml of liquid, which is equivalent to ten Cig a like electronic cigarette refill cartridges. Liquid is available with a nicotine content of up to 72mg, that s three times higher than Escape s extra high strength 24mg refill cartridges. A 10ml tank filled with 72mg liquid contains nicotine equivalent to 400 tobacco cigarettes.

All smokers know that nicotine is highly addictive and this is why Vaping Devices that are designed to significantly increase your nicotine intake will be banned and Cig a like products which are designed to replace or reduce the nicotine you intake from tobacco cigarettes will not be included in the ban.

Most people who switch from tobacco cigarettes to e cigarettes start with Cig a likes, some then move on to Vaping Devices because liquid is cheaper than refill cartridges. This is a false economy as Vaping Device users costs increase as they spend more and more time vaping using more and more liquid. It s also very difficult to switch back to Cig a like electronic cigarettes from Vaping Devices once you are used to consuming very high levels of nicotine on a regular basis.

So in conclusion do you want to escape from tobacco, find a safer, cheaper alternative with Cig a likes or increase your addiction to nicotine with vaping devices? We agree with the EU and UK Government Cig a likes are the future of safer smoking!

Eu goes light on e-cigarettes

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Electronic cigarettes won’t be tightly regulated as medical devices in Europe, lawmakers there decided.

Officials had proposed restricting direct sales to consumers, classifying the devices alongside nicotine patches and other smoking cessation products that require a prescription.

The European Parliament struck down that proposal, though, voting Tuesday to regulate them much as they do conventional cigarettes, with only the usual marketing, packaging, and 18 and older age restrictions.

While the lawmakers also voted to tighten restrictions on smoking tobacco packaging and menthol flavoring, e cigarettes were considered the main question.

In the U.S., the FDA is also weighing how to deal with the increasingly popular nicotine vapor devices

The agency has said it will issue proposed regulations on e cigarettes soon, a move that was widely expected by the end of October but may be delayed by shutdown related furloughs at the chronically understaffed agency.

It tried to regulate e cigarettes as medical devices but acquiesced in 2011 to an appeals court ruling that as long as no health claims are made for the products they only fit under the agency’s authority to regulate tobacco.

Individual European Union member states have attempted to quash sales through tight regulation or outright bans, but these have typically been struck down by legal action.

The amended Tobacco Products Directive now has to be agreed upon by E.U. government ministers and voted on again by the parliament, but no meaningful opposition is expected.

These moves have been carefully watched as other public health agencies around the world are trying to get a handle on e cigarettes, which are often targeted to smokers wanting to quit.

A recent study indicated the devices were at least equal to nicotine patches in that regard, although other studies show there still is an impact on lung function despite elimination of carcinogenic tobacco smoke.

The FDA has previously warned e cigarette manufacturers against making claims that the devices help smokers quit.