Many smokers prefer to buy the same brand of cigarettes for a long time. This is a permanent action. And many people are devoted to this type of cigarette, their habit does not change. Their type is chosen based on brand loyalty, as well as taste, strength, and, as a rule, value. The modern market offers a wide range of tobacco products, which is a plus for those who prefer to try new flavors and varieties. But since the price of tobacco products grows with the assortment, this factor makes people look for the best ways not to quit the habit. Therefore, many people prefer to buy cigarettes online UK in bulk, so as not to overpay the store for transport and storage costs.

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More than half of the shoppers surveyed are ready to buy cigarettes online UK, and more than a quarter of those surveyed say they will buy everything online – from cigarettes to lighters.

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Now all stores are trying to move to the online environment and include mobile technologies to improve the service.