Winston is the world-famous brand of tobacco products, which appeared on the international arena at the beginning of the last century. Initially, the manufactory was in the city of Winston-Salem, in honor of which the first packages of cigarettes of the manufacturer were named. After a short period of time, the brand’s popularity went beyond the state of North Carolina and began to conquer the expanses of the United States of America. Commercial success has turned a small company into a major serial cigarette manufacturer.

Tobacco varieties like Burley, Oriental and Virginia are used as filler. The original tobacco mixture was called “American”. The company has always tried to keep up with the times and did not hesitate to experiment. Winston cigarettes were among the first to introduce smoke filtration technology into production, and already in 1954 the company was recognized as the first serial producer of filter cigarettes in the world!

A professional approach to the organization of the production process, the introduction of innovative technologies and the use of high-quality raw materials turned Winston cigarettes into the brand number 1 first in the US, and then in other markets. In 1956, the company was awarded the status of “Best cigarette brand”. In 1965, the manufacturer’s turnover allowed him to become a sales leader in North America. The company claimed the status of the most popular and sold brand from the city of Winston-Salem from 1966 to 1972 inclusive. At the beginning of the “seventies” Winston began to be expanded beyond the ocean, conquering the expanses of Eurasia.

Currently, Winston is still among the most popular cigarettes in the US, while firmly holding the laurels of the championship in Russia and Japan, where it is sold under the patronage of the tobacco company JTI. The range of cigarettes includes original tobacco products with a filter, cigarettes with low nicotine content, super light cigarettes and classics.

If you prefer a classic American blend with tart taste and thick white smoke, then Winston cigarettes will suit your taste. Convenient packaging, years-tested aroma, frozen tobacco of excellent quality – all this makes the product of this brand one of the best in its price category. We only offer original Winston cigarettes. In our store you can order a batch of tobacco products at a bargain price.