Cigarettes brandsNowadays if we research such a category as female smoking, we can establish that this class of population comprises approximately 20% of female smokers’ worldwide. It makes up nearly 1 billion of smoking people. The continuing increase of smokers among women is explained by the thoroughly developed advertizing policies. There are several explanations why the advertising of tobacco products is concentrated on young women in particular, and provides the material assistance, which is invested into the development of marketing measures, which make a special impact on women. Despite the history of tobacco ad promotion has produced the exact conceptual image of male smokers, and therefore, it was sufficiently wise to establish the male dominance among the people during the history. There is but nothing stable forever and the tobacco advertisement is focused on the changes in the society, constantly taking place during the time. Female members of the society managed to be more self-oriented and, for this reason, become a potential object of marketing campaigns.

Originally, smoking was reasonably understood as a usual habit of men only. That is why the smoking ladies were strangely looking and under certain circumstances believed to be a rough similarity to the typical and long-existing male image.

The social position of women has been reconsidered not since a long time, but the time when ladies became an object of the tobacco marketing ad advertising was the year 1920. The promotional measures were taken, including the advertising images and headlines, which convinced ladies to smoke. It was considered that the smokers were a symbol of a new period in the life of women. Ladies and tobacco became more societally usual and let launch special brands of cigarettes, which were produced for ladies only. The main peculiarities for ladies cigarette become the encharming view, nice-looking packing, range and value, romantics and purity. As a standard, the tobacco companies take light colorful images on female packings and elaborate an attractive and many-promising slogan. The slim-category cigarettes are the most popular cigarette options, which are bought by women. The first advertising campaign policies were aimed at the women, living in rich and industrial states, as the others are famous for their history of smoking cigarette. At present, when both geners are completely equal, the brands of cigarettes specially produced for the ladies have obvious specific signs of “just-for-female” direction.

The marketing campaigns also cover the promotions by means of mass media and financing of different public actions. The marketing measures alike the local selling of tobacco goods, internet campaigns, nice-watching package outlook, all of these measures are the complex of advertising tools, being unique for tobacco promotion among ladies. One other thing to win a success among women is the advertising style, which lets describe the cigarettes as healthy things by means of using the habitual descriptions alike “slim” or “super-slim” or even “light”. The growing quantities of female smokers can be sometimes regarded as another type of feminism. It means that the ladies are able to specify their social status by means of smoking.