Each smoker must clearly decide on the issue that concerns his ideas about smoking. What does he see in his life through smoking?! Does he like established brands with an excellent reputation, and is he ready to start smoking only such products? As a result, he will definitely determine that this is a worthy motivation to enjoy only the best. You will try it, satisfy your curiosity and begin to discover new variations of this brand. So, what product are we talking about? These are the world famous Amphora cigarettes! Amphora is currently sold in many countries around the world. The price and balance of quality seduces many experts; they have nothing to complain about!

This position makes it stand out from other modern representatives; by existing standards, the product is, of course, not expensive. It transforms smoking, creates a soft and non-irritating smoke, and for new pipe smokers, it can perhaps serve as the best first cigarette. The notes are light, tobacco with a hint of nuttiness.

The structure of this company has always attached great importance to the already accumulated knowledge and recipes. The recipes have been improved, as a result, consumers are satisfied, Burley, along with Kentucky, Oriental and Virginia, opens up a well-balanced taste. Amphora cigarettes are always the standard of first-class pipe tobacco. You will realize how ideal it is for smoking at any time of the day. It will be useful for curious smokers to understand that such a product exists, and it will definitely appeal to taste, variety, and in general its manifestation in this area. We must clearly understand that in order to shape a prosperous future, we must not forget about the past! And this brand has always fulfilled these obligations!

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What are Amphora cigarettes?

Mac Barren is the company that currently owns this trademark. The successful activity of the brand dates back 150 years of tobacco history. This was proven by the perfect craftsmanship of this tobacco product. The company’s best minds worked on a perfect and delicate method of formulating recipes, their persistence resulted in the appearance of rich blends of mixtures with a fruit palette. The Recipe Book of this brand has been around for many years; it is used with regularity, and brings a touch of freshness, but also tradition, to already created recipes. Thus, the product does not disappear; it is permanent on the market.