• Why do cigarettes have tar?

    if you smoke something, its reasonably nasty tasting and hurts your throat. cigarettes have additives in the tobacco to give the smoker a nice, sweet smooth taste to the smoke. the additives are collected from smoking e.g tar the higher the tar the more better the ‘flavour’ but now cigarettes are being treated more better quality to reduce the tar but still have the good smooth sweet taste a cheap high tar cigarette would give you

  • What is Tar that is in Cigarettes?

    “Tar” is the term used to describe the toxic chemicals found in cigarettes. The concentration of tar in a cigarette determines its rating High tar cigarettes contain at least 22 milligrams (mg) of tarMedium tar cigarettes from 15 mg to 21 mgLow tar cigarettes 7 mg or less of tar

  • What does tar do in a cigarette?

    Helps it burn

  • What does tar from cigarettes do to you?

    paralyzes the cilia in the lungs also turns your teeth and nails yellow and also let you cough more

  • What is Tar in a cigarette?

    A sticky black substance similar to the substance found on roads.

  • What does tar in cigarette smoke do to you?

    Tar damages the cilia which is in the lungs. The cilia are hairs in the lungs that protect from dust. The dust then escapes into the lungs and people struggle to breathe. It stains your teeth and fingernails yellow too

  • What cigarettes have the least tar and nicotine?

    The less tar and nicotine have Slims cigarettes like Vogue, Glamour, Eva, Virginia etc, They are also called “Women Things”. Slims cigarettes are narrower (approximately 23mm circumference) than ordinary cigarettes (hence, “Slims”), and are also longer than normal “king sized” cigarettes (which are 84mm), sold only in longer 100mm and 120mm lengths, to give the cigarettes a more “elegant” appearance and ostensibly to reduce the amount of smoke they produce. They can be found on cigarettes kiosks or even on online shops in “Superslims”, “light,” “ultra light,” and menthol varieties.

  • How do you clean cigarette tar from alveoli?

    You dont, with this sort of situation the only thing you can do is stop smoking and hope that in time the worst of it is cleared out of the system but you will always have to live with the damage sustained.

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