The most powerful cigarette in the iqos Heats series is iqos heets Amber Label, it is recommended for those who have just switched from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes and are still getting used to them. Orange packaging.

Iqos heets Amber Label sticks are throughout your use. One of the main advantages of the iqos heets Amber Label sticks is its efficiency. Its unique design ensures even heating, keeping the tobacco aroma and flavor at its best. The large tobacco capacity allows you to enjoy a long and rich smoking experience without having to replace cigarettes.

Additionally, the iqos heets Amber Label for iqos devices has a sleek and elegant design. Its modern form and sophisticated colors complement the appearance of the iqos Irma and create the perfect image. The pipe is made of high quality materials to ensure reliability and ease of use. Iqos heets Amber Label for iqos devices (Orange) – Nutty smelling tobacco flavor.

Tobacco sticks for iqos. Let us tell you that each heets stick is a perfect combination of premium tobacco and innovative technology.

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What are Iqos heets Amber Label sticks? Iqos heets Amber Label sticks deliver a unique taste and impeccable quality with every smoke, while minimizing exposure to harmful substances.

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